08 August 2007

[update] Changes in the races: "-1" for Commonwealth, "+1" for UNESCO

While Malaysia's prime-minister is still "considering" the withdrawal from the contest for the Commonwealth's top post, Rais Yatim made his choice. He's out.

With this, bets on Sharma get stronger.

New hat in the UNESCO's ring. Egypt nominated Culture minister Farouk Hosni, the longest serving member of Mubarak's cabinet and an abstract painter who has exhibited his work around the world.

Egypt's foreign minister has already met with the "working group that ran the support campaign for Hosni" (I guess, just the Foreign Ministry's experts - as of now).

Considering Egypt's previous successful campaigns, Oman obviously faces a tough challenge.

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John Daly said...

Irina Bokova, Bulgarian Ambassador in Paris, has also announced her candidacy for the post of DG of UNESCO according to BSANNA News.